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Yorlang Programming Language

Yorlang is an esoteric programming language designed to write small programs using yoruba language constructs. It is the first of its kind and it can carry out basic programming operations in yoruba language (a language spoken in some parts of Nigeria ).

Variable Declaration

Variables are created with keyword 'jẹ́kí'. Since yorlang is a dynamic language, any variable created with this keyword can hold any value types such as strings, numbers etc.

Conditionals & Loops

There are various types of loops and conditionals in yorlang. They include fún (for loop), nígbàtí (while loop), yí (switch block), ṣé (if block), tàbí (else block) and tàbí ṣé (else if block).

Functions & Arrays

Functions are declared with keyword 'iṣẹ́'. There's support for nested functions in yorlang. Arrays and multi-dimensional arrays are also included in yorlang.

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